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Sam’s Jewelers is a home of a unique and elegant collection of jewelry filled with love and happiness. In our online and physical jewelry shop in Indianapolis, you can buy one-of-a-kind, customer-centric, exclusive, modern, and affordable pieces of jewelry for every occasion and express your innermost desire and appreciation to the ones you love. Hopefully, you will find something for yourself or maybe surprise someone with a romantic gift.
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I got a memory pendant for close to 8000$ I was happy with it. It got caught broke kinda easily jus from being caught in my hoodie while taking the... read more

thumb marcus oliver
April 3, 2022

Big jewelry sale 60% off . He had some really nice chains $8,000 after 60% off 3,400 after the discount.

thumb Kandi lynn crittendon
April 3, 2022

Just received my diamond bracelet and I must admit it looks incredible, nice weight on bracelet it's not hollow at all just solid 14k, the high clarity diamonds sparkle like... read more

thumb S Harvest
November 3, 2021